Table 3.

Composition of fatty acyls in glycerophospholipids extracted from two tissues of the field-collected adults of Pyrrhocoris apterus

Relative proportion (%) of the fatty acyl
Fatty acylIn OctoberIn December
    FA 16:013.8±0.616.2±0.6***
    FA 17:01.4±0.11.3±0.1
    FA 18:010.2±0.810.2±0.9
    FA 18:17.8±0.27.3±0.5
    FA 18:266.8±0.965.0±0.8**
Fat body
    FA 16:014.1±1.516.5±0.6**
    FA 17:00.2±0.20.3±0.4
    FA 18:012.3±0.711.3±0.8*
    FA 18:110.7±0.610.4±0.7
    FA 18:262.8±1.361.6±0.6
  • FA, fatty acyl; UFA, unsaturated FA; SFA, saturated FA; 16:0, palmitoyl; 17:0, heptadecanoyl; 18:0, stearoyl; 18:1, oleyl; 18:2, linoleyl.

    Each value represents the mean ± s.d. of the relative proportion of the FA (or UFA/SFA ratio) calculated from phospholipid species composition. The differences between October and December means were statistically analyzed using unpaired two-tailed t-tests (*P<0.05; **P<0.001; ***P<0.0001).