Table 2.

Specific activities of enzymes of glycogen metabolism (i.u. mg−1 protein) in tissues of Fundulus grandis held under normal and reduced oxygen levels for 4 weeks at 27°C

Muscle Liver
Total GPase0.328±0.0750.240±0.083**0.052±0.0260.056±0.030
Active GPase0.060±0.0310.034±0.034*0.044±0.0240.043±0.027
Total GSase0.052±0.0120.044±0.013*0.018±0.0100.029±0.011*
Active GSase0.007±0.0050.007±0.0050.003±0.0020.004±0.002
  • GPase, glycogen phosphorylase; GSase, glycogen synthase.

    Values are least-squared means (±1 s.d.) from two-way ANOVA testing the effects of dissolved oxygen (DO) treatment and sex of fish. Sample sizes were 19 for normoxia and 19 to 22 for hypoxia.

    Significantly different between normoxia and hypoxia, *P≤0.05; **P≤0.001.