Table 1.

Population and temperature effects on ethanol and acetic acid tolerances, enzyme activities and gene expression

Fixed effect
PopulationTRearTExpose (TRear) Pop×TRear Pop×TExpose (TRear)
Acetic acid tolerance0.0723.16−−−−2.190.400.44
Ethanol tolerance12.35+++45.26++++41.96****0.370.77
AcCoAS activity (EC*1.231.86
AcCoAS expression (CG9390)5.73+9.52++3.25*3.260.71
CG6432 (putative AcCoAS)21.59+++10.53++55.62****2.600.14
CG8732 (putative AcCoAS)2.7237.76++++1.430.310.89
ADH activity (EC****7.77**1.60
Adh expression (CG3481)11.58++0.175.38**0.331.67
ALDH activity (EC**17.63****0.32
Aldh expression (CG3752)0.5090.14−−−−1.090.630.48
Cdpet expression (CG6016)0.0324.12++++4.85**5.07*0.60
desatl expression (CG5887)0.5718.17++++1.091.661.16
Pect expression (CG5547)1.828.24++0.240.600.62
PLD activity (EC**5.09*0.91
Pld expression (CG12110)1.894.62+6.95**2.400.6
Sply expression (CG8946)5.65+4.82+18.98****3.250.24
Srebp expression (CG8522)1.926.501.440.940.57
wunen expression (CG8804)0.005.997.63***1.680.02
  • The number of symbols indicates the level of significance from mixed model ANOVAs; +, increased values in Tasmania or 26°C reared flies, −, increased values in Innisfail or 15°C reared flies;* significant at *P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001, ****P<0.0001.

    CG numbers are gene identifiers (FlyBase Consortium, 2003).