Table 1.

The number of observations, median values with the lower and upper quartiles of all investigated stereological parameters in the thyroid gland of control and EMF-exposed animals

Control group Exposed group
Stereological parameterNMedianLower quartileUpper quartileMedianLower quartileUpper quartileP value*
Vve (mm3 mm−3)100.520.490.570.580.540.590.020
Vvk (mm3 mm−3)
Vvf (mm3 mm−3)100.800.750.820.740.710.760.053
Vvi (mm3 mm−3)
Nvc (mm−3)51019141011061033391384421069581485250.117
Vvc (mm3 mm−3)50.0280.0250.0320.0380.0380.0470.037
  • Vve, Vvk, Vvf, Vvi and Vvc represent, respectively, the volume density of: follicular epithelium, colloid, follicles, interfollicular connective tissue and capillaries. IA, thyroid activation index; Nvc, numerical density of capillaries; N, number of observations.

  • * Mann-Whitney U-test.