Table 1.

Overview of experimental subsets of setup 1

Rear boarder of landmark (m) Search densities1 (%) in test area
ExperimentNTrainingTestTest area (m)Experimental groupControl groupP value (U-test)
Control 1208.5-91.31±1.03 vs 1.20±0.9520.66
Control 22098.5-91.20±0.95
1A15998.5-92.96±2.33 vs 1.20±0.952<0.01
1B2097.57-7.52.70±1.59 vs 1.32±1.092<0.01
1C20965.5-62.58±1.70 vs 1.10±1.102<0.01
1D20921.5-20.61±1.10 vs 0.29±0.8220.13
1E207.58.5-90.71±1.35 vs 1.31±1.0333<0.03
  • All landmarks used were of dark colour with a rough surface. The rear boarder of the 1-m landmark defines the LM-position. For each experiment a certain area of interest was determined and compared statistically to the data of the same area from a control group using the U-test.

    2,3 The search densities at the test area specified in column 5 were tested against the analogue data section from: 2control 2, 3control 1.

  • 1 All values given are mean ± s.d.