Table 2.

Comparison of the energy absorption of capture threads pre- and post-failure of the axial fibers

SpeciesAxial extensibilityTotal extensibility% work by cribellar fibrils
Deinopis spinosa (N=5)0.73±0.14a1.81±0.1392±1a
Hyptiotes cavatus (N=3)0.44±0.04a,b0.78±0.13a36±12b
Hyptiotes gertschi (N=2)0.41±0.04a,b0.63±0.09a24±15b
Uloborus diversus (N=11)0.32±0.01b0.95±0.08a71±4a
  • % work by cribellar fibrils compares the area under the force displacement curve post failure of the axial fiber to the area under the total force-displacement curve.

    All values are mean ± s.e.m.; Nxs is the number of spiders for which silk was sampled.

    Values that share superscripts within a column indicate lack of significant pairwise differences using Tukey's Honest Significant Difference tests at P<0.05.