Table 1.

Summary of material properties and biochemical constituents of the mineralized vertebral centra of seven elasmobranch species

Water Mineral Proteoglycan Collagen Ultimate strength Stiffness Yield strain
SpeciesIndividualsN% WMN% DMN% DMN% DMNMPaNMPaNϵ
I. oxyrinchus 43343.71039.22728.42920.93211.932329.4280.12
S. zygaena 12042.51048.81625.91426.82023.820523.4200.13
Ca. falciformis 32052.91049.31422.71525.81924.319563.9190.10
Ca. plumbeus 11945.81046.9524.2524.51923.719396.9190.15
Ce. granulosus 11947.21055.1912.0922.81920.819425.8190.10
Ce. sp. A 12043.01050.91019.21020.72014.720323.0200.06
T. californica 22926.41039.0819.61017.4294.62925.5290.22
  • Values shown here are the mean for each species and the sample size for each assay.

    DM, dry mass; WM, wet mass.