Table 2.

In vitro haematological parameters in samples taken from Atlantic cod acclimated to 7°C and equilibrated at 7, 20 and 24°C

Acclimation temperature (°C)
Final haematocrit (%)18.7±0.4a17.3±0.2b16.9±0.6b
Final MCHC (g 100 ml−1)20.8±0.7a21.2±0.6a17.8±0.6b
P50 (kPa)3.3±0.4a5.1±0.3b6.0±0.4b
n 2.3±0.3a3.7±0.4b3.9±0.1b
Hb-O2 (ml O2 100 ml−1 blood) at 13 kPa5.58±0.20a5.03±0.16a4.12±0.14b
  • Values shown are mean ± s.e.m. (N=5-6 at each temperature). Dissimilar letters within each row indicate values that are significantly different (P<0.05).