Table 1.

Oxygen consumption and cardiac parameters measured in Atlantic cod exposed to a 1.7°C h−1 temperature increase from 10-11°C (resting) until they reached critical thermal maximum

Temperature (°C)
Oxygen consumption (mg kg−1 h−1)82.2±3.7a210.8±7.2b
Cardiac output (ml min−1 kg−1)21.5±0.8a52.6±2.8b28.4±3.5a
Heart rate (beats min−1)36.3±1.7a71.8±3.6b37.4±4.9a
Stroke volume (ml kg−1)0.60±0.04a0.76±0.05a0.80±0.08b
  • Maximum refers to the maximum value recorded for each fish prior to critical thermal maximum (CTM), while cardiac parameters reported at CTM were measured very shortly (within 1 min) after the fish lost equilibrium.

    Values are means ± s.e.m. (N=6-9). Dissimilar letters within each row indicate values that are significantly different (P<0.05).