Table 2.

Resting heart rate and heart rate response to stress – average responses, by species

M. edulisM. galloprovincialisM. trossulusegt
    14°C, 22 p.p.t.18.99±0.9515.70±0.8925.86±1.631099
    14°C, 28 p.p.t.21.30±0.8717.53±0.8525.91±1.1710109
    14°C, 34 p.p.t.20.45±0.9817.06±0.7923.62±1.55101010
    21°C, 22 p.p.t.28.65±2.3925.80±1.2134.88±0.88778
    21°C, 28 p.p.t.28.77±2.2023.88±0.9135.70±0.91789
    21°C, 34 p.p.t.31.50±1.2625.72±1.2838.24±1.44897
H crit
    14°C, 22 p.p.t.25.50±0.5726.60±0.6023.50±0.93466
    14°C, 28 p.p.t.25.50±0.9928.30±1.0823.70±0.80477
    14°C, 34 p.p.t.24.20±0.8925.70±0.4124.20±1.36376
    21°C, 22 p.p.t.29.00±0.4729.90±0.6026.90±1.53434
    21°C, 28 p.p.t.28.50±0.5130.70±1.0426.00±0.59444
    21°C, 34 p.p.t.28.90±1.0930.90±0.4126.00461
    7°C, 22 p.p.t.-2.28±0.943.80±2.42-75
    7°C, 28 p.p.t.-04.33±1.96-56
    7°C, 34 p.p.t.-1.86±0.946.40±1.81-75
    14°C, 22 p.p.t.-00-66
    14°C, 28 p.p.t.-03.33±1.33-56
    14°C, 34 p.p.t.-00-55
S crit
    14°C, 22 p.p.t.11.09±0.998.89±0.399.53±0.42344
    14°C, 28 p.p.t.11.99±2.4011.39±0.7012.41±0.92444
    14°C, 34 p.p.t.16.81±1.1012.84±0.1813.79±1.31444
    21°C, 22 p.p.t.14.52±0.839.68±0.4411.80±1.23344
    21°C, 28 p.p.t.21.23±0.6610.28±0.8916.73±1.10345
    21°C, 34 p.p.t.19.64±2.6114.15±0.7719.65±1.85435
  • Results of heart rate experiments for all physiological indices measured. Each index (mean ± s.e.m.) is listed by species (e, M. edulis; g, M. galloprovincialis; t, M. trossulus), and the number of individuals tested.

    Heart activity parameters: RHR, resting heart rate at acclimation temperature (beats min-1); Hcrit, critical temperature during heat stress (°C); LHR, lowest heart rate at 0°C (beats min-1); Scrit, critical salinity during salinity stress (p.p.t.).