Table 1.

Hepatosomatic indices, condition factors, lipid contents in liver and RNA content of G. morhua acclimated to 4°C and 10°C

SpeciesAcclimation temperature (°C)HSI (%)Condition factor (g cm-3×1000)Total lipids (%)Liver RNA (Q) (μg mg-1 fresh mass)Muscle RNA (T) (μg mg-1 fresh mass)
G. morhua (NSC)4.02.19±0.419.20±0.2925.4±7.11.27±0.22*0.44±0.06
G. morhua (NEAC)4.03.26±0.61*8.32±0.2835.0±7.01.65±0.220.58±0.09
  • NSC, North Sea cod; NEAC, north-eastern Arctic cod.

    Values are means ± s.e.m. (N=5-6).

    Hepatosomatic indices (HSI)=(liver:body mass)×100.

    Condition factors were calculated as previously described (Lucassen et al., 2003). Condition factor=[mass (g)×total length (cm)-3]×1000.

    Liver lipid content is relative to fresh mass.

    RNA content in liver was determined using the RNeasy kit from Qiagen (Q) and in muscle, the Trifast kit (T).

  • * Significant difference from the warm-acclimated control group within a population.