Table 1.

Somite recruitment rate during somitogenesis and somite numbers, standard length and myotome height of newly hatched halibut larvae

Somite recruitment rate (numbers per day)4.6±0.3a5.4±0.1b10.5±0.3c<0.001
Somite numbers51±352±153±10.353
SL (mm)5.42±0.37a6.15±0.12b6.21±0.29b<0.001
MH (mm)0.39±0.03a0.46±0.03b0.40±0.03a<0.001
  • SL, standard length; MH, myotome height.

    Values are mean ± s.d. (N=10), and different superscript letters within rows represent significantly different values (one-way ANOVA followed by a Tukey's B post-hoc test).