Table 4.

Calculated mass-specific metabolic rates for neonatal and adult bottlenose dolphins

Body mass (kg)18.23±11.4194.35±13.92
Insulation R (m2 deg. W-1)0.10±0.010.12±0.01
Surface area (m2)*0.308±0.131.759±0.16
Surface area/volume27.48±1.2712.48±1.92
Mass-specific metabolic rate (1 O2 h-1 kg-1)0.301±0.0170.111±0.02
Predicted Kleiber mass-specific metabolic rate (1 O2 h-1 kg-1)0.331±0.010.182±0.005
  • Values are means ± s.e.m.

  • * Surface area and volume were estimated by modeling the trunk (nuchal crest to anus) as a cylinder and the tailstock (anus to fluke insertion) as a truncated cone. The head and appendages were excluded from these calculations.