Table 1.

Physical characteristics of the four lizard species

Species (N)Snout-vent length (mm)Head width (mm)Mass (g)IL peak amplitude (mm s−1 Pa−1)IL peak frequency (kHz)Max. directional difference (dB)Frequency at peak directionality (kHz)Directional bandwidth (kHz)*
M. macularia (2)10013254.13.22323.032.05
L. belliana (2)10713261.73.19302.841.79
C. similis (1)180321682.31.95341.802.42
G. gecko (2)19022744.91.82341.362.15
  • Mabuya macularia, skink; Leiolepis belliana, agamid; Ctenosaura similis, iguanid; Gekko gecko, gekkonid.

  • * The directional bandwidth is measured from the spectra as the frequency band where ipsilateral and contralateral responses differ by more than 3 dB.