Table 2.

Rates of mass change for captive western sandpipers during different phases of an experimentally induced mass loss and gain cycle on a low-fat and high-fat diet

PhaseDietMass change (g day-1)Range
LossLow-fat-0.57±0.12**-1.14 to -0.17
High-fat-0.61±0.38*-2.89 to 2.11
GainLow-fat2.03±0.87**0.75 to 4.43
High-fat2.16±1.31**0.40 to 5.56
AdlibLow-fat-0.07±0.06-1.75 to 0.98
High-fat0.00±0.95-2.91 to 2.64
  • Values are means ± 95% CI, with ranges; N=18 (low-fat) and N=23 (high-fat) diet.

    Asterisks indicate mass change is significantly different from zero, *P=0.01, **P<0.001.