Table 1.

Speed effects on median fin kinematics in rainbow trout

Swimming speed (L s-1) Dorsal fin Adipose fin Caudal fin
f (Hz)a (cm)f (Hz)a (cm)f (Hz)a (cm)
0.52.49±0.091.51±0.03 (1.23±0.06)2.40±0.030.46±0.04 (0.04±0.01)2.48±0.021.80±0.14
1.03.15±0.061.21±0.08 (0.56±0.07)3.21±0.060.74±0.02 (0.05±0.01)3.18±0.052.55±0.14
2.04.15±0.170.70±0.05 (0.03±0.01)4.17±0.081.13±0.03 (0.01±0.01)4.23±0.162.85±0.04
  • Values are means ± s.e.m. (N=5 stroke cycles from each of three fish per measurement).

    f, fin beat frequency; a, fin beat amplitude (maximal side-to-side excursion of trailing edge). For the dorsal and adipose fins whose mediolateral excursions are influenced by body undulation, a corrected measure of a is reported in parentheses in addition to absolute a. Corrected amplitude is calculated as the mean difference between absolute fin sweep amplitude and body bending amplitude (cf. Fig. 3). For the caudal fin, a is the absolute sweep amplitude.

    L, total body length (mean 19.6 cm).