Table 1.

Shark fork length (FL), body mass, red muscle (RM) position, RM cross-sectional area at 50% FL, and relative RM mass

Species (common name)Specimen #FL (cm)Mass (kg)RM position*RM cross-sectional area at 50% FL (cm2)RM mass (% body mass)
Alopias pelagicus 113229L8.792.81
   (pelagic thresher)214438L10.83.11
316356L14.97 3.11
Alopias superciliosus 115349§L14.032.31
   (bigeye thresher)216258§L142.12
317574§L15.23 2.51
Alopias vulpinus 1854.5M5.612.02
   (common thresher)210520.9M8.821.98
616370.4M35.13 3.14
  • * L, lateral, directly under the skin; M, medial, closer to the vertebrae

  • Calculated from D. Holts, National Marine Fisheries Service (unpublished)

  • Calculated from Liu et al. (1999)

  • § Calculated from Kohler et al. (1995)

  • Data taken from Bernal et al. (2003)