Table 3.

The pulse width and pulse interval of the miniature transmitter in relation to the settings of the multivibrator

ParameterInterceptR1 (Mω)C1 (nF)Multiple statistics
Pulse width (ms)3.25±0.63NS0.020±0.0006F2,13=499.2, P<0.001, r2adj=0.99
Pulse interval (ms)1098.99±149.76680.07±51.111.54±0.16F2,13=139.49, P<0.001 r2adj=0.95
  • R, resistor; C, capacitor (see Fig. 1).

    Values are means ± s.e.m., N=17 transmitters.

    NS, not significant.

    Power consumption per pulse (μAs)=5.2+0.033C1; average current drain (μA)=40.35-62.08(logR1).