Table 1.

Components list and specifications for the miniature transmitter

R11.8-2.7 MΩ0402 (1.0 mm×0.5 mm×0.2 mm)
R215-18 kΩ0402
R30-100 Ω0402
C10.47-1.0 μF2×0402SRT Technologies, Cadolzburg, Germany
C2220 nF0402
C315 pF0402
C43.3 pF0402
C52.2 pF0402
L1100 nH0402Stelco, Newmarkt, Germany
L21.0 μH0603 (1.5 mm×1.0 mm×1.0 mm)Stelco
L3100 nH0402Stelco
T1BFR92SOT323 (2.0 mm× 1.25 mm×0.9 mm)Philips, Zurich, Switzerland
S852TFSOT490 (1.7 mm×0.9 mm×0.8 mm)Vishay, Selb, Germany
QLarge(5.0 mm×3.2 mm×1.1 mm)Micro-crystal, Grenchen, Switzerland
Small(3.5 mm×2.2 mm×0.7 mm)Tele Tec, Saitama, Japan
PDTA114PNP, 10 K bias resistorSOT490 (1.7 mm×0.9 mm×0.8 mm)Philips
  • For widely available components, no particular manufacturer is indicated.

    Components are identified in Fig. 1.