Table 8.

Maximal moment, and minimal and maximal mechanical power of the ankle and knee joint during ground contact for the different groups

Older adults Young adults
    Max. moment (Nm kg-1)*2.63±0.432.79±0.553.15±0.573.05±0.52
    Min. power (W kg-1)-8.78±2.90-10.35±3.48-12.11±4.00-10.83±2.33
    Max. power (W kg-1)**8.33±2.489.54±2.7110.55±1.9312.02±2.88
    Max. moment (Nm kg-1)1.66±0.451.88±0.471.81±0.371.85±0.31
    Min. power (W kg-1)-4.63±1.72-5.91±2.24-5.26±1.37-5.70±1.39
    Max. power (W kg-1)4.10±1.195.48±1.644.44±0.763.88±0.88
  • Values are means ± s.d. of both legs; N=20 (older runners), N=10 (older non-active subjects), N=9 (younger runners), N=10 (younger non-active subjects).

    Asterisks indicate statistically significant differences between older and young adults: *P<0.05, **P<0.01; significant age-by-running activity interaction (P<0.01).