Table 5.

Centre of mass parameters for the different groups

Older adults Young adults
Anterior COM (cm)
    Displacement contact73.6±6.178.1±6.767.3±10.474.3±12.3
    Displacement flight*19.0±6.422.1±8.626.6±8.925.3±9.7
Ratio displacement (%)**79.6±6.278.3±6.971.4±4.875.3±6.9
Vertical COM (cm)
    Displacement stride)**7.5±1.28.2±1.89.3±1.49.1±1.3
  • COM, centre of mass.

    Values are means ± S.D. of both legs; N=20 (older runners), N=10 (older non-active subjects), N=9 (younger runners), N=10 (younger non-active subjects).

    Ratio displacement was calculated as the proportion between anterior COM displacement during ground contact of both legs and anterior COM displacement during stride cycle.

    Asterisks indicate statistically significant differences between older and young adults: *P<0.05, **P<0.01; significant differences between runners and non-active individuals (P<0.05).

    There was no age-by-running activity interaction for the analysed parameters (P>0.05).