Table 2.

Capture distances and durations from onset of feeding cycle for two Kogia species and Kogia pooled data, pooled Tursiops, and Tursiops open gape and closed gape approaches

Distance (cm)
Predatortcapture (ms)Predator-preySuctionRamRSI
Kogia sima 482±1458.80±5.244.45±3.000.54±1.68-0.71±0.34
Kogia breviceps 447±13615±6.245.93±2.731.78±0.55-0.60±0.17
Kogia (pooled)470±13911±5.884.89±2.860.90±1.52-0.67±0.29
Tursiops truncatus (pooled)863±33742±21-2.45±6.8746±210.94±0.11
Tursiops truncatus (OGA)1211±20766±8.21-1.81±7.5171±8.490.95±0.08
Tursiops truncatus (CGA)662±20729±12-2.79±6.6933±100.93±0.12
  • tcapture represents feeding cycle duration; RSI, Ram-Suction Index.

    Values are means ± s.d.; N=16 (Kogia), 30 (Tursiops).