Table 1.

Relationship between glycolytic flux rate (J) and the activities of hexokinase (HK), cytochrome oxidase (COX) and glycogen phosphorylase (GP) in orchid bee flight muscle, analysed using conventional statistics and phylogenetically independent contrasts (PIC)

Conventional PIC gradual PIC speciational
HK5.11J0.98 (0.72, 1.25)0.83<0.0010.83 (0.34, 1.31)0.59<0.0050.84 (0.25, 1.43)0.50<0.01
COX429.7J0.47 (0.24, 0.69)0.61<0.0010.12NS0.19NS
GP4.56J0.36 (0.07, 0.65)0.38<0.050.28NS0.66 (0.14, 1.18)0.44<0.05
  • N=14 species for conventional analysis and 11 contrasts for PIC analysis.

    For gradual evolution, branch lengths from fig. 1 in Darveau et al. (2005a) were used; for speciational model, branch lengths were set to 1.

    NS, not significant.