Table 1.

Estimates of ET50, Hill constant (N) and cloacal discharge temperature (TCD) from lizards breathing 21, 10 and 6% O2

ET50NTCD (°C)No. of cloacal discharges
21% O236.9±0.269.8±11.036.1±0.61.8±0.2 (71.4)
10% O235.5±0.4*78.4±10.834.4±0.8*1.5±0.3 (71.4)
6% O234.3±0.4*113.4±15.6*33.2±0.4*3.4±0.4 (78.6)*
  • Values are means ± s.e.m. Mean male and female values are shown for those parameters in which there was a significant difference between sexes using repeated-measures ANOVA, with oxygen level and sex as factors.

  • * Significant difference (P<0.05) from 21% O2 values.

  • Numbers in parentheses refer to the percentage of lizards exhibiting cloacal discharge.