Table 1.

Mean mass of leg muscles in guinea fowl

MuscleMass (g)% Mb
Upper thigh muscles
    Caudofemoralis pars caudalis2.32±0.120.16±0.01
    Caudofemoralis pars pelvica3.95±0.240.28±0.02
    Femerotibialis medialis and externus28.42±0.722.00±0.04
    Femerotibialis internus4.85±0.180.34±0.01
    Flexor cruris lateralis pars accessoria5.72±0.350.40±0.02
    Flexor cruris lateralis pars pelvica27.14±1.011.90±0.04
    Flexor cruris medialis2.67±0.110.19±0.01
    Iliotibialis cranialis*21.90±0.721.54±0.05
    Iliotibialis lateralis pars preacetabularis7.75±0.360.55±0.03
    Iliotibialis lateralis pars postacetabularis37.40±1.802.62±0.09
    Iliotrochantericus caudalis17.30±0.401.22±0.04
    Iliotrochantericus cranialis*4.84±0.200.34±0.02
    Iliotrochantericus medius*0.74±0.050.05±0.00
    Obduratorius medialis7.07±0.260.50±0.02
    Puboischiofemoralis lateralis2.84±0.120.20±0.01
    Puboischiofemoralis medialis7.73±0.430.54±0.03
Lower leg muscles
    Extensor digitorum longus*4.11±0.100.29±0.00
    Superficial digital flexor II1.62±0.120.11±0.01
    Superficial digital flexor III5.59±0.160.39±0.01
    Other digital flexors15.38±0.391.08±0.03
    Flexor digitorum longus and peroneus brevis8.34±0.220.59±0.01
    Fibularis longus15.40±0.521.08±0.03
    Intermediate gastrocnemius3.90±0.220.27±0.01
    Lateral gastrocnemius20.51±1.351.44±0.09
    Medial gastrocnemius21.77±0.881.53±0.03
    Tibialis cranialis*15.30±0.371.08±0.03
M m 322.99±8.0522.69±0.36
M m,j 265.50±7.318.65±0.31
  • Values are means ± S.E.M. (N=6).

    Mb is body mass; Mm is the sum of the masses of all the leg muscles; Mm,j is the sum of the masses of the muscles that could possibly power jumping.

  • * Muscles excluded in calculating Mm,j.

  • For the iliofibularis, approximately 11 g representing the anterior portion of the muscle was excluded from calculation of Mm,j.