Table 6.

Comparisons between pigeon flight cardiorespiratory data obtained in the present study and those predicted for a flying bird of same body mass by Bishop's allometric equations ( Bishop, 1997 )

RowBishop equation no.Parameter (units)Predicted value (error)Measured value (present study)PS/PredComments
13fH (beats min-1)593 (-6.0%)*6631.12Calculated from Mb
211MH (g)3.66 (-18%)*4.481.23Calculated from Mb
36VS (ml beats-1)1.45 (21.8%)*1.190.82Calculated from MH using PS pigeon value (4.48 g)
4NoneCaO2Cv̄O2 (ml O2 ml-1)0.1540.1380.90Estimated from mean avian [Hgb]
510 (ml min-1)795 (0.4%)*7921.00Calculated from MH, using PS pigeon MH value (4.48 g)
615O2max (ml min-1)123.5 (13.0%)*109.30.88Calculated from MH using PS pigeon MH (4.48 g)
  • PS, present study; Pred., predicted.

  • * Values are calculated error estimates for predicted values from Bishop's equations (Bishop, 1997).