Table 4.

Selected resting and flight metabolic, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory values obtained from pigeons in the present study compared to those reported by Butler et al. ( 1977 )

Present study Butler PS/B
O2/Mb (ml kg-1 min-1)17.8309.625.52000.701.55
/Mb (ml kg-1 min-1303224455524100.540.93
fh (beats min-1)1106631716700.640.99
Vs/Mb (ml kg-1)2.753.383.243.600.850.94
CaO2 (Vol%)18.818.615.
Cv̄O2 (Vol%)12.94.810.
CaO2Cv̄O2 (Vol%)5.913.
Hct (%)535142411.261.24
EB (%)317430611.261.21
  • R, resting; F, flight; PS, present study; B, Butler et al. (1977).