Table 2.

Mean resting and flight metabolic and cardiovascular data, and the factor by which each parameter increased when going from rest to flight

ValueRest (N=12)Flight (N=7)F/R
O2/Mb (ml kg-1 min-1)17.8±3.9309.6±37.4*17.4
Q̇/Mb (ml kg-1 min-1)302±672244±2697.43
fh (beats min-1)110±19663±336.03
Vs/Mb (ml kg-1)2.75±0.043.38±0.081.23
  • R, rest; F, flight.

    Values are means ± s.e.m.

  • * Value was determined from a different but equivalent group of pigeons (see text).

  • Only 5 values were used to calculate the mean ± s.e.m.