Table 1.

Characteristics of the environment and of body temperatures of eight free-ranging springbok

Aug—Oct `Spring'Nov—Jan `Summer'Feb—Apr `Autumn'May—Jul `Winter'
    Air temperature (°C)15.8±3.720.2±2.217.6±2.810.0±2.1
    Globe temperature (°C)17.2±4.224.0±2.420.9±2.5no data
    Wind speed (m s-1)3.6±0.93.2±0.62.6±0.62.4±0.7
    Rainfall (mm)9±1597±5288±2134±19
    Time of sunrise (h)06:1105:2406:1506:55
    Time of sunset (h)18:0818:5818:2917:36
    Photoperiod (h)11:5713:3412:1410:41
Body temperature (°C)
    Time of minimum (h)06:44±0:3106:12±0:3906:40±0:5207:26±0:32
    Time of maximum (h)18:41±1:0217:53±0:5518:08±0:4019:04±0:39
  • For air temperature, globe temperature and wind speed, values are means± S.D. of 24 h averages. Rainfall is mean ± S.D. of monthly averages; time of sunrise, sunset and photoperiod are means of monthly averages. Body temperature indices were determined for each day, and then averaged over about 90 days for each animal; thereafter mean ± S.D. was calculated for the eight animals.