Table 1.

Average values for flight speed and percent source finding

Flight speed Source finding
SeriesTreatmentmm s-1s.e.m.N%s.e.m.N
Skin odor`Hand'41a1.13685a2.155
100% skin43a1.42888a2.030
20% skin35b2.62219b4.139
4% skin35b4.4490c057
Clean air33b1.6171c1.531
CO21% CO239a1.23193a1.343
0.4% CO240a1.12698a1.948
0.1% CO240a1.53097a2.355
0.05% CO241a1.72596a3.543
Sensitization100% skin42a1.72493a3.154
20% skin35b1.13819b,c3.443
20% skinCO245a1.84097a3.052
4% skin3c,d2.434
4% skinCO229b4.749
0.8% skin0d026
0.8% skinCO28b,c,d4.244
Ribbon CO245a1.6193c,d1.425
  • Values within the same column and experiment that do not have a letter in common are significantly different at P<0.05.

    SkinCO2, skin odour + exposure to CO2 filament.