Table 1.

Antibodies and peptides used for immunohistochemistry

Antibody/peptideHostWorking dilutionAntigen (peptide sequence)Source
    eNOS N30030Rabbit1:500Human eNOS c-terminal (1030-1209)Transduction Laboratories
    iNOS N32030Rabbit1:1000Mouse iNOS c-terminal (961-1144)Transduction Laboratories
    nNOS N31030Rabbit1:100Human nNOS c-terminal (1095-1289)Transduction Laboratories
    nNOS SC1025Rabbit1:150Human/mouse nNOS n-terminalSanta Cruz Biotechnology
    uNOS PA1-039Rabbit1:100Murine i and nNOS c-terminal (1113-1122)Affinity Bioreagents
    Tubulin acetylated T-6793Mouse1:1000Sea urchin acetylated tubulinSigma
    DaM-biotin 715-065-151Donkey1:100Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories
    DaM-FITC 715-095-150Donkey1:100Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories
    DaR-biotin 711-065-152Donkey1:400Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories
    DaR-Cy3 711-165-152Donkey1:800Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories
    DaR-FITC 711-095-152Donkey1:100Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories
Block peptide
    NOS1 (K-20) P sc-1025P1:30Santa Cruz Biotechnology
  • All antibodies against NOS are polyclonal. The antibody against acetylated tubulin is monoclonal.

    DaM, donkey anti-mouse; DaR, donkey anti-rabbit; eNOS, enothelial nitric oxide synthase; iNOS, inducible NOS; nNOS, neuronal NOS; uNOS, universal NOS, i.e. antibody reacting to all NOS isoforms.