Table 1.

Results of a three-way ANOVA to test for the effect of the travel direction (ants travelling from the bridge ends towards the centre of the bridge vs those travelling from the centre towards the bridge ends), the bridge side (nest vs source) and the sector (bottleneck vs entrance) on the time required to cross a sector by an ant

Source of variationMean squaresd.f.FP
Between ants
    Travel direction5.469174.04<0.001
    Bridge side0.08211.070.301
    Travel direction × bridge side2.520133.03<0.001
Within ants
    Sector × travel direction9.4481158.14<0.001
    Sector × bridge side0.00410.070.792
    Sector × travel direction × bridge side0.32115.370.021
  • As ants were individually followed across the two sectors, the sector effect was treated as a repeated measure factor. The data were log-transformed to allow for normality.