Table 1.

The phase shift between the contractions of different organ pairs

Mantle Point A (AVC)
AnimalExpansion - gill maximumContraction - gill minimumContraction - Point B (AVC) contractionExpansion - mantle expansionContraction - mantle expansion
11−62.4 (N=4, r2=0.978, P<0.001)−135.4 (N=4, r2=0.761, P<0.05)88.3 (N=4, r2=0.882, P<0.02)−48.3 (N=4, r2=0.902, P<0.01)129.3 (N=4, r2=0.968, P<0.01)
12−118.0 (N=3, r2=0.996, P<0.01)−149.1 (N=3, r2=0.955, P<0.02)89.4 (N=4, r2=0.949, P<0.01)−153.4 (N=4, r2=0.310, NS)−1.3 (N=4, r2=0.930, P<0.01)
17−144.9 (N=4, r2=0.982, P<0.001)−161.6 (N=4, r2=0.942, P<0.01)119.9 (N=4, r2=0.980, P<0.001)−96.0 (N=4, r2=0.746, P<0.05)44.4 (N=4, r2=0.944, P<0.01)
22−139.6 (N=4, r2=0.857, P<0.02)−156.4 (N=4, r2=0.766, P<0.05)59.6 (N=2, r2=0.975)−156.0 (N=2, r2=0.917)31.2 (N=2, r2=0.578)
26Mantle movements not visibleMantle movements not visible74.1 (N=4, r2=0.898, P<0.01)Mantle movements not visibleMantle movements not visible
Average phase shift−117.9−150.786.1−115.745.5
r2 between cuttlefish0.7170.9710.8840.5180.477
P <0.05<0.01<0.01NSNS
  • Significance was only determined for sample sizes greater than 2.