Table 1.

Morphometric characteristics of the fishes used in experiments to determine response latency to postural disturbances

Type of disturbance
Caused by rotation of strut used for station holding Caused by water jet while taking food
Body length (cm)Mass (g)Body depth (cm)Body length (cm)Mass (g)Body depth (cm)
Creek chub13.4±1.8 (9)22.88±5.652.4±0.412.1±1.7 (10)17.47±5.892.4±0.4
Smallmouth bass11.9±1.2 (9)17.35±2.602.6±0.312.2±1.3 (12)21.47±2.962.9±0.3
Bluegill11.9±1.2 (9)24.96±3.314.4±0.711.0±1.2 (9)20.54±3.894.8±0.7
  • Values are means ± 2 S.E.M., with sample sizes shown in parentheses.