Table 8.

Fatty acid composition of the six phospholipid classes examined in the skin of P. schlosseri exposed for 6 days to 50%SW containing 10 mmol l-1 Tris buffer, pH 7.2, with or without (control) 30 mmol l-1 NH4Cl

Fatty acid composition (% of total in the class)
Phospholipid classControlAmmonia exposed
   Tot sat78.4±0.579.7±1.0
   Tot mono5.64±0.873.48±0.90
   Tot poly16.0±0.516.9±0.6
   Tot sat44.0±0.742.3±0.6
   Tot mono44.7±0.344.6±0.4
   Tot poly11.3±0.513.1±0.5*
   Tot sat71.3±2.170.6±0.7
   Tot mono12.8±0.612.2±0.3
   Tot poly15.8±2.017.2±0.8
   Tot sat60.6±1.063.7±0.7
   Tot mono9.07±1.099.91±0.91
   Tot poly30.4±0.826.4±0.9*
   Tot sat44.7±2.642.2±2.0
   Tot mono18.7±1.118.9±1.3
   Tot poly36.6±3.538.9±3.1
   Tot sat41.5±5.030.8±6.7
   Tot mono32.5±3.230.5±5.8
   Tot poly26.0±6.738.8±3.5
  • The composition of each phopholipid class is expressed as % of the total content in that class.

    PC, phosphatidylcholine; PS, phosphatidylserine; PI, phosphatidylinositol; PE, phosphatidylethanolamine; CL, cardiolipin; SM, sphingomyelin.

    Tot sat, total saturated fatty acids; Tot mono, total monounsaturated fatty acids; Tot poly, or PUFAs, total polyunsaturated fatty acids; n3, n3 PUFAs; n6, PUFAs.

    Values are means ± s.e.m. (N=5).

  • * Significantly different from the corresponding control value