Table 3.

Haemolymph osmotic changes following a loss of 10% from initial body mass (excluding dry excretions)

SpeciesNInitial mass (g)Initial osmolarity (mOsm l-1)Mass loss (%)Time (days)Osmotic change (%)
B. judaicus 122.224±0.698579±249.9±0.120.7±6.55.1±10.9b
L. quinquestriatus 92.598±1.113631±239.9±0.216.4±4.39.1±2.7b
S. m. fuscus 51.619±0.495578±499.9±0.46.8±1.623.6±8.4a
S. m. palmatus 142.198±0.814562±3210.0±0.29.6±2.223.1±7.2a
  • Values are means ± S.D.

    Different superscript letters indicate significant differences (ANCOVA of arcsine-transformed % osmolarity changes, with initial mass as covariate,α =0.05).