Table 2.

Linear regression equations describing the effect of initial haemolymph osmotic status of the scorpion (x), expressed as deviation from the sample mean, on the osmotic change as a result of feeding (y)

SpeciesInitial osmolarity (mOsm 1-1)EquationNr2
B. judaicus 553±36y=-0.86x+12.03660.68
L. quinquestriatus 573±36y=-0.88x+48.491240.56
S. m. fuscus 505±52y=-0.50x+72.36900.26
S. m. palmatus 488±45y=-0.60x+77.051760.31
  • Initial haemolymph osmolarity values are means ± S.D.

    For all species, P «0.001.