Table 1.

Haemolymph osmolarity values of the four scorpion species in the various sampling seasons, measured within 48 h of capture

Haemolymph osmolarity (mOsm l-1)
Sampling monthB. judaicusL. quinquestriatusS. m. fuscusS. m. palmatus
February562±36a (24)573±34a (22)492±33b (21)470±42b (30)
April519±23a (13)-491±47a (22)-
June524±25b (27)607±20a (8)508±52b,c (13)485±40c (28)
August549±31a,b (7)584±32a (22)510±46b,c (16)503±61c (79)
October574±57a (11)567±43a (49)530±48a,b (5)491±43b (31)
December566±28a (17)556±36a,b (28)527±63b,c (30)503±48c (21)
Mean548±38 (99)571±39 (129)511±56 (107)493±53 (189)
  • Values are means ± S.D. (sample sizes in brackets).

    Different superscript letters indicate significant differences between species within a sampling month (one-way ANOVA followed by Tukey's HSD test,α =0.05).