Table 4.

Correlation coefficients and allometric exponents for the regression of log transformed maximum vertical force production, Fvert (N), on log-transformed morphological parameters for eleven euglossine bee species

Ordinary least squares Reduced major axis
ParameterrP valueExponent95% CLr2Exponent95% CLr2
m (kg)0.993<0.001***0.970.93, 1.020.990.970.93, 1.020.99
mmus (kg)0.993<0.001***0.950.90, 0.990.990.950.90, 1.000.99
R (m)0.957<0.001***2.251.85, 2.650.952.311.95, 2.750.95
S (m2)0.930<0.001***1.110.89, 1.330.941.140.95, 1.380.94
AR -0.1420.661-2.70-21.9, -16.50.01-25.6-51.3, 12.80.01
pw (N m-2)0.6130.022*2.820.71, 4.940.503.982.39, 6.620.49
FMR 0.3170.1715.95-4.87, 16.760.1515.538.11, 29.70.15
  • P values are derived from a student's t test on the null hypothesis that there is no correlation between the log of Fvert and the log of the given parameter (H00=0).

    Symbols as in Table 3. CL, confidence limits; *P<0.05, ***P<0.001.