Table 1.

Responses of adults of five hard tick species to odour being released from rumen fluid

Amblyomma variegatum b Amblyomma hebraeumIxodes scapularisIxodes persulcatusIxodes ricinus
N 1815201316
Attraction (%)a+44***+26***+21***+13*+4**
Change in speed (%)+23**+5+1+28**+4*
  • a Median % change compared with control

  • * P<0.05

  • ** P<0.01

  • *** P<0.001; Wilcoxon signed rank test

  • b Eight of the 18 A. variegatum adults tested undertook significant local search behaviours (see Fig. 1) upon removal of rumen odour from the air stream (Fisher exact test, P<0.01, two-tailed)