Table 1.

Allometric equation values for Y=aMbb determined by reduced major axis regression where Y is parameter length (m) and Mb is body mass (kg) (N=9)

Lengths (Y)abR
Trunk0.19 (0.15–0.23)0.33 (0.29–0.37)0.99
Fore limb (ground–shoulder)0.10 (0.07–0.14)0.37 (0.31–0.43)0.98
Fore limb (ground–dorsal scapula)0.15 (0.12–0.19)0.37 (0.33–0.41)0.99
Hind limb (ground–hip)0.12 (0.09–0.16)0.37 (0.33–0.41)0.99
  • The 95% confidence intervals are given in parentheses. Coefficient values (a) have been corrected for statistical bias due to log-transformation (Sprugal, 1983).