Table 1.

Results of allometry analysis for body dimensions of Loligo opalescens ranging in ML from 12–147 mm

Eye diameter–0.3340.6730.933 *
Head width–0.0300.6190.861 *
Mantle width0.0210.6550.844 *
Funnel diameter–1.0530.8030.758 *
Arm length–0.7281.1170.902 *
Tentacle length–0.0250.9340.797NS
Fin length–1.0941.3720.968 *
Fin width–0.8701.0250.877NS
Fin area–2.2142.3610.957 *
  • The allometric growth equation y=axb where y is the particular body dimension and x is ML, log-transformed and analyzed with linear regression. r2 is the correlation coefficient, a is the intercept (initial index) and b is the slope (allometric growth factor). The allometric growth factor, b, is significant by F-test for all body dimensions except fin width and tentacle length. NS, not significant.