Table 3.

EMG variables in response to head and tail stimulation with F-ratios and P-values for the two-way ANOVA comparison between stimulus types

VariableHead stimulusTail stimulusF-ratioP-value
Electrodes active (%)56.6±510068.57<0.0001
Electrodes active within 5 ms of first EMG onset (%)35.7±7.776.7±5.420.29<0.0005
Electrode positions showing unilateral activity (%)70.0±11.722.4±7.414.17<0.002
Of electrodes active unilaterally, % in position in which κ<±3.494.5±5.52.370.129
EMG amplitude (mV)0.049±0.0150.112±0.00910.67<0.002
EMG duration (ms)20.1±2.223.6±
EMG area (mV×ms)1.06±0.252.86±0.3110.04<0.002
  • Values for EMG parameters are means ± s.e.m. Sample size is four individuals, 2-3 responses to head stimuli (10 total) and three responses to tail stimuli per fish for variables that examine the percent electrodes responding. For EMG amplitude, duration and area, a total of 146 electrode response were examined, with 39 of those being from responses to head stimuli. See Materials and methods for details of statistics. P-values in bold are significant after adjustment of table with a sequential Bonferroni correction (Rice, 1989).