Table 5.

Repeatability of Mb, VO2max and ventilatory traits in control and cold-acclimated mice, expressed as Pearson correlations (r)

Control (N=19) Cold acclimated (N=20)
M b 0.922***0.928***0.978***0.845***0.807***0.937***
O2max 0.850***0.831***0.822***0.476*0.637**0.761***
f 0.576**0.595**0.762***0.877***0.850***0.880***
V T 0.593**0.563**0.616**0.3680.463*0.785***
V MIN 0.626**0.540**0.608**0.1860.2750.736***
  • Mb, body mass; O2max, maximal O2 consumption; f, breathing frequency; VT, tidal volume; VMIN, minute volume; OEE, oxygen extraction efficiency.

    Values were statistically significant (one-tailed test) after a sequential Bonferroni correction for multiple simultaneous tests; *P<0.05; **P<0.01; ***P<0.001.