Table 1.

F-values for within-subjects effects from repeated measures on body mass (Mb), maximal O2 consumption (V̇O2max) and ventilation traits in the control group

MbaO2maxfaVtVmin OEE
H-F epsilon0.747-0.655---
Time1.977 2.625 * 1.857 17.958 *** 11.121 *** 12.251 ***
Time × sex0.8731.4810.3790.4280.4110.500
  • f, breathing frequency; Vt, tidal volume; Vmin, minute volume; OEE, oxygen extraction efficiency; d.f., degrees of freedom.

    Data include the entire 10-week experimental period, except for the first week. Sex was included as a fixed factor. When the sphericity condition was not met (see Materials and methods), P-values are reported with H-F corrections (both numerator and denominator d.f. were multiplied by H-F epsilon to obtain corrected d.f.).

    Values in bold indicate statistical significance (α=0.05); *P<0.05; ***P<0.001.

  • a Non-spherical covariance matrix of contrasts.