Table 1.

The muscles used in this study and their proposed actions

MuscleProposed action based on anatomy
Caudofemoralis (CF)Knee flexion; femur retraction and rotation
Iliofibularis (IF)Knee flexion; limb elevation
Iliotibialis (IT)Knee extension; femur retraction; limb elevation
Flexor tibialis externus (FTE)Knee flexion; plantar flexion; femur retraction
Puboischiotibialis (PIT)Knee flexion; femur depression
Gastrocnemius (G)Plantar flexion
Tibialis anterior (TA)Plantar flexion; digit opener
Extensor digitorum longus (EDL)Dorsiflexion; digit opener
Peroneus (P)Plantar flexion; digit opener