Table 1.

Morphometric data from adult and fetal bowhead whales (all specimens female) plus 1/5 scale physical model

Whale numberMean ± s.e.m. (adult) Fetus number
L b 14.9910.1011.059.6413.7211.9±2.091.503.90Head only
L H 3.792.692.952.563.653.13±0.500.411.040.33
L Ba 2.741.901.911.682.352.12±0.380.070.160.15
L T 4.102.373.202.493.783.19±0.680.471.050.28
W A 0.430.360.380.330.410.38±
H A±
H L 2.851.932.111.832.592.26±0.390.470.590.18
  • Lb, body length = tip of rostrum to fluke notch; LH, head length = tip of rostrum to center of blowhole; LBa, length of longest baleen plate, including gum; LT, tongue length, tip to root; WT, tongue width at mid-length; HT, tongue height at mid-length; HL, maximum lip height; AV, Anterior Vertical measurement = tip of rostrum (at subrostral gap between anteriormost baleen plates) to floor of mouth; AH, Anterior Horizontal = between tips of anteriormost baleen plates; PH, Posterior Horizontal = rear of lip to head at level of eye; PH, Posterior Vertical = bottom of orolabial sulcus to upper jaw, at approximate midline of PH; AO, calculated area of anterior opening of mouth; PO, calculated area of posterior opening of mouth, for each side.

    All linear dimensions given in m; areas of anterior and posterior openings (AO and PO) are in m2.

    The unitless AV/AH value is a proxy for circularity, showing the difference between the mouth's sagittal and frontal plane dimensions.

    Values are means ± s.e.m. for five adult specimens only.