Table 2.

Comparison of the composition of species present before and during experimental trials

Common nameSpeciesPre-trial survey (%)Experimental recruits (%)
PrionPachyptila sp.78.740.8
Giant petrelMacronectes sp.6.39.0
Wandering albatross Diomedea exulans 5.82.5
Great shearwater Puffinus gravis 5.12.7
White-chinned petrel Procellaria aequinoctialis 2.03.9
Black-bellied storm-petrel Fregetta tropica 0.65.0
Black-browed albatross Diomedea melanophris 0.61.2
Cape petrel Daption capense 0.56.2
Wilson's storm-petrel Oceanites oceanicus 0.424.7
  • Data are presented as percent of total observations (pre-trial survey of ship followers, N=2048; experimental recruits, N=2361). Species composition of ship followers was determined from pre-trial surveys (see Materials and methods).