Table 3.

Neural sensitivity at best frequency relative to velocity and acceleration for lateral line primary afferent neurons from dorsal pored (Dp), ventral pored (Vp) and ventral non-pored (Vnp) hyomandibular canals of the stingray

Dp (8, 40)Vp (3, 9)Vnp (6, 28)
Velocity (spikes s-1/mm s-1)34.2±6.837.3±10.033.0±5.0
    Min, max3, 897.5, 1025, 86
Acceleration (spikes s-1/mm s-2)1.02±0.111.2±0.210.94±0.16
    Min, max0.01, 1.20.04, 1.40.04, 1.3
  • Values are means ± s.e.m. The total number of animals, total number of afferents sampled from each canal subsystem are indicated in parentheses. Min, minimum; max, maximum.