Table 1.

Spontaneous discharge characteristics of lateral line primary afferent neurons that innervate neuromasts in the dorsal pored (Dp), ventral pored (Vp) and ventral non-pored (Vnp) hyomandibular canals of the stingray

Dp (72) Vp (16) Vnp (48)
R (30)I (40)S (2)R (8)I (6)S (2)R (18)I (15)S (15)
Units (%)41.755.62.75037.512.537.531.2531.25
Resting discharge (spikes s-1)16.3, 21.8, 25.39.7, 17.2, 28.3NA11.6, 17.1, 214.9, 9.6, 11.5NA6, 9.9, 15.95.4, 16.2, 22.2NA
Mean ± s.e.m.20.5±1.120.7±2.3NA16.7±2.68.9±2.1NA11.4±1.616.3±3.3NA
  • R, regular; I, irregular; S, silent; NA, not applicable. Resting discharge data are expressed as 25%, median, 75% quartiles (top line), and mean ± s.e.m. (bottom line). The total number of primary afferents sampled from each discharge class within each canal subsystem is indicated in parentheses.